What is chest pain and what causes chest pain

One of the most common symptoms that these days’ people undergo is chest pain. It has rather become one of the very common reasons of loss of life.  Chest pain leading to major heart attacks is not uncommon today. Pain in chest can occur any time and people majorly believe that a pain in chest means heart attack.

Chest pain along with breathlessness and burning sensation are symptoms of heartburn. Chest pain however in children has been a common complaint.  This occurs due to musculoskeletal conditions.

Pain in chest can mainly be categorized into two types cardiac and non cardiac. Cardiac pain is caused when there is shortage of oxygen to the heart muscle causing heart attack. While, non cardiac is generally cause by the bacteria and viruses or excessive smoking. A person can undergo both cardiac and non cardiac pain as both are common types of chest pain. People experience chest pains for numerous reasons because it is not just one reason for a person to experience it. Let us thus have a look at some of the major causes of chest pain.

Chest pain due to heart complications

Chest pain proves to be major symptoms of heart disease and attack. High blood pressure often causes hypertension which relatively has a bad effect on the heart. Hypertension can cause tightness in heart causing pain.

Occurrence of pain due to inappropriate lung conditions

Pneumonia which is one kind of lung infection can cause chest aches. A blood clot in lung or inflammation of the lung membrane can all cause pain in lungs leading to lung cancer. Lung cancer can thus relatively cause pain in chest.  Disorders like Asthma and bronchitis too leads too chest pain as the person senses chest ache while breathing.

Chest pain due to Anxiety disorder

People have different anxiety and fear and at times people undergo very intense fear which can again cause pain in the chest. People who frequently get panic attacks can feel breathlessness and nausea which are symptoms of heart attack.

Cause due to digestive problems

Heartburn or acid reflux as it is called is one of the common symptoms of chest pain.  Acid reflux basically causes a burning sensation in chest. Apart from this there are other gastrointestinal problems like peptic ulcers, hiatal hernia which can again cause chest ache.

Now that you know what is chest pain and how it is cause make sure you take proper care and precautions to avoid it.