Penile Thrush Treatment and Symptoms

Penile thrush can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing affliction. Caused by an imbalance between naturally produced bacteria and the yeast Candida Albicans, thrush can be brought on by various internal and external circumstances. Fortunately, penile thrush can be treated and future outbreaks can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes.

The yeast Candida Albicans is present in the bodies of humans and can be found in the stomach, throat, intestines, mouth, genitals and other warm and moist areas. Under normal circumstances, the overabundance of this yeast is prevented by bacteria that are produced naturally in the body. However, when an imbalance is created, the yeast cells multiply rapidly and a yeast infection, or thrush, results.

Though sexual exposure to someone with thrush may seem like the mostly likely cause of thrush in men, there are more common causes. An afflicted immune system can cause thrush, whether it is from a cold, prolonged use of antibiotics or a more serious condition such as HIV or AIDS. In addition, lifestyle choices may create an environment that is ideal for thrush to survive. Poor hygiene and a diet high in refined sugars and carbohydrates will increase the chances of penile thrush.

There is also a link between thrush and diabetes. Diabetics have a high level of blood glucose, which encourages the growth of yeast cells. If there are recurring outbreaks of thrush in an individual, this may be an indication of undiagnosed diabetes. A doctor should be consulted if this is the case.

Symptoms of male thrush are focused primarily in the genital area. The penis may become sore and sensitive to the touch. There may be pain during urination, red sore spots, a thick white excretion under the foreskin and a yeasty smell in the area. Penile thrush is often mistaken for an STD, so seeing a heath care provider for a proper diagnosis is important for treatment.

Thrush can be prevented by changes in lifestyle. Since thrust occurs in moist, warm parts of the body, keeping yourself cool, dry and clean can make a big difference. Also, using mild soaps and detergents can decrease the amount of irritation to affected areas.  Decreasing stress and keeping your immune system healthy with a proper diet that controls your blood sugar and getting plenty of rest will keep your body balanced.

However, if you find that taking these measures on your own does not work, a proven thrush treatment can be found with Yeast Infection No More. This holistic system effectively cures thrush without the use of creams and helps to guide you with a 5-step program to finally free you from the symptoms of penile thrush.