Chicken Pox Causes and How Chicken Pox Spreads

Chickenpox is a type of viral infection through which a person can easily develops extremely and very itchy blisters on all over the parts of the body. It has also used to be the one of the most classic and the childhood diseases. However, it sometime can also cause problems to children but it generally has become too much less and going to be lesser common since the time of the introduction of the new chickenpox vaccine which are today easily available in the market.

It is also known to be one of the disease from which mostly children are affected. Chickenpox can also be spread in very easily and simple manners from one person to others. You may also get the chickenpox disease from touching only the fluids from any one of the chickenpox blister. Or if in case you touch someone with the occurrence of the disease or in case the affected person coughs or sneezes very near you then also you may get it. Even those who are suffering only with the mild illness of it may be quite contagious.


In most of the cases of chickenpox it occurs in the children younger than the age of 10 years. The disease named chicken pox is usually in mild form although sometime a few serious complications can sometimes occur. Adults and the older children are usually more prone to get sicker than to the younger children.

The children whose mothers do have the disease of chickenpox or just they have received only the chickenpox vaccine can be easily supposed free from it and are not very much likely to catch or have it before they goes to become 1 year old. In case if they by any mean do catchthe chickenpox then also they often supposed to have only the mild cases. This is mainly because of the antibodies he or she had got from their mother and her blood and milk in order to use for the health reasons that is to help protect them.

How it spreads

Children under the age of 1 year old whose mothers are supposed to have not had the chickenpox or the chicken pox vaccine can be easily gotthe severe chickenpox.

There is a virus which is named as the varicella zoster virus. The same virus when get in to adults by any means causes them to suffer from the problems of herpes zoster. The spreading of the chicken pox disease sometime is mainly because of the blisters that appear on the body parts of the patients suffering from it.  A person who is suffering with the chickenpox usually becomes contagious within 1 or 2 days before the blisters appear to them.